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Team Information
Org LocationSouth Korea South Korea
 North America
CreatedOrganization 2014-02-15
Apex Legends 2019-03-13
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T1 is a Korean team.

History[edit | edit]

2019[edit | edit]

On March 13, T1 announced JuanK and Sonii as their first Battle Royale pro players.[1][2] Two days later, they announced their first Apex Legends roster consisting of BcJ, Kurt, and ZerG.[3] This roster had participated as Cod Gods in the Strong Esports 1k Invitational.

Timeline[edit | edit]

  • 2019

Player Roster[edit | edit]

Active[edit | edit]

R C ID Name Role Joined
United States BcJ Brendan Jensen 1Player 2019-03-15
South Korea JuanK Kim Bong-sang (김봉상) 1Player 2019-03-13
United States Kurt Kurtis Gallo 1Player 2019-03-15
United States Sonii Michael 1Player 2019-03-13
United States ZerG Haydin Gordon 1Player 2019-03-15

Organization[edit | edit]

Current[edit | edit]

Team Results[edit | edit]

T1 Tournament Results
2019-04-06A11$ 2,000UMG icon.png UMG Legends Series Week 5 BcJ;;Kurt;;ZerG
2019-03-30A11$ 10,000FACEIT icon.png T1 x FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational BcJ;;Kurt;;ZerG
2019-03-24A33Strong icon.png Strong Esports 2k Invitational BcJ;;Kurt;;ZerG
2019-03-23A11$ 2,000UMG icon.png UMG Legends Series Week 3 BcJ;;Kurt;;ZerG
Total Prize: USD 14,000

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References[edit | edit]

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